Signaling in Oncogenesis, Angiogenesis and Permeability

Team Leaders : Julie Gavard & Nicolas Bidère

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Research activity

  Piracy of intracellular Signaling for Tumor Cell Survival

A large body of literature, including our own work, has highlighted the crucial role of the CARMA-BCL10-MALT1 (CBM) complex in the survival and unlimited growth of cancer cells. The CBM complex conveys NF-κB signal transduction and unleashes the protease activity of MALT. By cleaving a limited set of substrates, MALT1 shapes the immune response, the mTOR signaling, and the homeostasis of lysosomes. How precisely does the CBM connect to the NF-κB machinery? What are the molecular effectors linking MALT1 to mTOR and the lysosomes?

  Extracellular Vesicles in Tumor Progression

The term “Extracellular Vesicles” (EVs) is a moniker for a variety of small, heterogeneous, membrane vesicles (30-1000 nm), released by cells into surrounding. These vesicles deliver bioactive materials i.e. proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids from their cell of origin to distant recipient cells and therefore act as important mediators for cell-to-cell communication. EVs released from Glioblastoma Stem-like Cells (GSCs) remodel their immediate endothelial microenvironment. However, the molecular basis for EV biogenesis, the specificity of their cargo, as well as their impact on GSC themselves has not been extensively investigated. What are the mechanisms of EV production by tumor cells? What is the impact of external cues, such as therapeutic and cell death assaults, on EV production and composition? How, in turn, EVs modulate tumor cell survival, expansion and response to treatments?

  Intertwined Dialogue between Endothelium and Tumor Cells

Glioblastoma Stem-like Cells (GSCs) have been found in the vicinity of brain endothelial cells, suggesting that functional and reciprocal interactions take place in the tumor vascular niche. They can also reside in hypoxic niche and travel along neuro-vascular tracks. In this scenario, tumor-derived secreted factors, released as soluble factors and/or embedded in extracellular vesicles may convey messages to the surrounding endothelial compartment that might culminate to vascular dysfunctions, such as increase in permeability and/or remodeling (e.g. endothelial-mesenchymal transition EndMT). What are the signaling mechanisms by which endothelial cell shapes tumor cell fate? Vice Versa, how external cues emanating from tumor cells educate their endothelial habitat?

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Team members

Team leaders : 
Julie Gavard,
Nicolas Bidère, DR2 INSERM

Team members : 
Gwennan André-Grégoire, Biologist, ICO
Isabelle Corre, Researcher CRHC, CNRS
Laetitia Guével, Ass. Professor, Nantes University
Kilian Trillet, Technical Assistant IECN, INSERM

Lais Brigliadori Fugio, Post-doctoral researcher
Jane Jardine, Post-doctoral researcher
Carolina Nicolau, Post-doctoral researcher
Sara Rosinska, Post-doctoral researcher

Mathilde Kerhervé, PhD Student
Yanis Macé, PhD Student
Clément Maghe, PhD Student
Clotilde Renaud, PhD Student
Mathilde Richard, PhD Student

Rosalie Moreau, MSc Student

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We are open to applications from highly motivated individuals.

Julie Gavard, CNRS
Nicolas Bidère, INSERM

Main publications

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