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Team 5

Design and application of innovative loco-regional Treatments in Glioblastoma

Team leader : Emmanuel Garcion

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Emmanuel Garcion
Nantes-Angers Research Center for
Cancer and Integrated Immunology

Institut de Recherche et d’Ingénierie de la Santé - 4 Rue Larrey 49100 Angers

+33 (0) 2 44 68 85 43

Project :

The two main limitations contributing to the failure of conventional therapy of certain solid tumors, among which glioblastoma is a typical example, are: i) treatment resistance ascribed to cell adaptation to environmental cues and ii) sub-optimal delivery of active principles. A major de facto objective of glioblastoma treatment is the exclusive eradication of tumor cells infiltrated in the central nervous system (CNS).

For more than 12 years our team has developed innovative micro and nanovectorisation-based strategies focusing on loco-regional delivery of anti-cancer medications in the CNS with demonstrated significant therapeutic benefit in preclinical models.

To further determine significance in humans and to better understand how these systems behave at the micro-nano-biological interface we now propose to focus on two main loco-regional approaches.

The first approach focuses on the development of novel nanovectorized internal radiation therapy combined with in situ radiosensitization. The choice of radiopharmaceuticals combined with the mode of delivery and intra-tumoral containment or targeting will be specifically addressed. The approach takes into account our new original data focusing on the nanoparticular targeting of the microRNA machinery involved in radioresistance. Milestones of this approach include the automation of the radiopharmaceutical formulation methods as well as the evaluation of the dosimetry correlated with biological responses.

The second approach focuses on implanting biointeractive “deposits” capable of interfering with tumor cell behavior (in terms of migration, differentiation and sensitivity to elimination signals) within the tumors or their resection cavities (perioperative surgery). This strategy is largely based on our expertise in the development of innovative formulations for releasing bioactive molecules (e.g. proteins). The aim of this project is to target cells to be eliminated and to modify their environment in order to attract and confine them in a controlled area for their destruction.

We expect to overcome key technological barriers limiting tissue homing and cellular and subcellular targeting of biomimetic vectors. We propose novel strategies for the targeting and elimination of radioresistant cells. The proposed work aims at developing relevant and optimized minimally invasive micro-nanomedicine strategies for the treatment of gliomas, as well as other solid tumors, by employing original and novel fundamental and technological approaches.


Emmanuel Garcion, DR Inserm

Lila Autier, PH ICO
Frank Boury, PU
Olivier Couturier, PU-PH
Florence Dumas-Giteau, MCU
François Hindré, MCU
Franck Lacoeuille, PU-PH
Jean-Michel Lemee, MCU-PH
Philippe Menei, PU-PH
Claudia Montero-Menei, MCU
Audrey Rousseau, PU-PH

Clémentine Lapoujade, Post-Doc

Sylvie Avril, TR Inserm
Laetitia Basset, IH CHU
Anne Clavreul, IH CHU
Marine Dion, TR CDD
Charlotte Roy, IE UA
Laurence Sindji, AI Inserm

Arthur Barcelos Ribeiro, PhD Student
Maël Bouillon, PhD Student
Alix Fontaine, PhD Student
Arianna Rinaldi, PhD Student

Clémentine Simon, Master 2
Mathis Barbotin, Master 2

Selected recent publications (last years)


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