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Team 12

MITIC, Manipulation of Lymphocytes for Immunotherapy

Team Leader: Emmanuel Scotet

Equipe 12
For many years, Team MITIC has been developing complementary research programs in immunology with a particular focus on human lymphoid populations, such as various T cell subsets (eg. gamma delta T, NK-T cells) or NK cells. These research axes aim at understanding the biology, the functions, and the regulation of these immune cell subsets, as well as investigating their immunotherapeutic potential especially in oncological contexts (e.g. hematological and brain tumors, breast and ovary cancers). During the last years, an interest was also taken for the analysis of developmental pathways and transcriptional programs of innate lympoid cells, as well as the design of various molecular approaches to manipulate lymphoid subsets for immunotherapies (e.g. gene editing, transcriptional reprogramming). Some of our programs are dedicated to the functional analysis and the molecular engineering of biological molecules, such as cytokines and antibodies. Other research projects aim at understanding the environmental factors and signals that regulate the biology, activation and functions of diverse lymphoid cell subsets, especially in oncological or immune disorder/auto-immune indications. Finally, our team leads, or is involved in, different clinical trials in tumor or auto-immune pathological contexts.

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The results obtained in these different domains enabled Team MITIC to position itself, both nationally and internationally, as an important player in fundamental and applied immunology research in the field of lymphoid population biology and their exploitation in immunotherapies. This recognition is reflected by: (i) its membership in many national collaborative programs funded, some of them in portage (ii) the direction, the management or the membership in various consortia or structures at the local or national level, (iii) co-leadership and participation in national and international thematic networks. These activities are carried out in collaboration with numerous groups/institutes at the local, national and international levels. This recognition is also illustrated by the involvement of many members of the team not only in university teaching activities and in the organization of conferences but also their participation in expertise activities or consultancy. Concerning knowledge transfer, the team is developing a growing number of industrial partnerships or clinical partnerships, which also allow it to finance and valorize its research activities.

Selected Publications 2017 - 2022


Makanga DR, Jullien M, David G, Legrand N, Willem C, Dubreuil L, Walencik A, Touzeau C, Gastinne T, Tessoulin B, Le Gouill S, Mahé B, Gagne K, Chevallier P, Clemenceau B, Retière C. 2022. Low number of KIR ligands in lymphoma patients favors a good rituximab-dependent NK cell response. Oncoimmunology. 14;10(1):1936392. doi: 10.1080/2162402X.2021.1936392.

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