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Team 2: Nuclear Oncology

Our research aims to develop diagnostic and therapeutic tools to fight cancer by focusing on the delivery of radionuclides to cancer cells and their biological effects.

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With the identification of numerous relevant biomarkers, nuclear medicine offers innovative approaches for precision therapeutics and theranostics in oncology, using radiolabeled antibodies or other vectors. Our team gathers working groups with all the competences required to design new radiopharmaceuticals and validate them from preclinical to clinical evaluations, especially immuno-PET and targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT), especially using alpha emitters. This translational research requires a pluridisciplinary expertise going from the extraction of the radionuclides to the preparation of the radiopharmaceuticals.

Originally investigating radiolabeled antibodies to treat cancer and hemopathies, over the past 5 years we have been moving forward to developing a research in molecular imaging, especially PET, innovative PET emitters being now available for imaging tumor phenotype, in particular with radiolabeled mAbs (immuno-PET) through theranostic approaches. Biomarker imaging using immuno-PET represents also a promising tool to predict efficacy of targeted therapies (precision therapeutics based on predictive imaging or companion diagnostic) or to predict patient outcome (prognostic imaging and radiomics). Development of radiopharmaceuticals relies on a fundamental and forward thinking on radionuclides, targets, new vectors and requires to develop pertinent animal models (murine, canine) before clinical development, but also requires expertise in quantitative imaging. Each specific field including radiopharmacy, chemistry/radiochemistry, radiobiology and immunology is developing its own work and projects towards a common goal. Our pluridisciplinary research is integrated in the personalized/stratified medicine, tumor targeting with innovative α, β- and β+ radionuclides allowing a predictive whole-body imaging which is complementary to metabolic (PET using FDG) and morphologic (CT and MRI) imaging as well as image guided innovative targeted therapies (quantitative imaging, dosimetry, radiomics).

Nuclear Oncology Team, June 2022

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Selected Publications

  • Métivier C., et al. Preclinical Evaluation of a 64Cu-Based Theranostic Approach in a Murine Model of Multiple Myeloma. Pharmaceutics. 2023, 15(7), 1817; 
  • Perrin J, Capitao M, Allard M , Chouin N , Gouard S, Marionneau-Lambot S, Louvet C, Donnadieu E, Bruchertseifer F, Morgenstern A, Chérel M, Gaschet J, Guilloux Y. Targeted alpha particle therapy remodels the tumor microenvironment and improves efficacy of immunotherapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2022;112(3):790-801. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2021.10.013.
  • Maingueneau C, Berdal M, Eychenne R, Gaschet J, Chérel M, Gestin JF, Guérard F. 211At and 125I-Labeling of (Hetero)Aryliodonium Ylides: Astatine Wins Again. Chemistry. 2022;28(11):e202104169. doi: 10.1002/chem.202104169.
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