The involvement in training is excellent with 75 members of CRCI2NA having an HDR and about 100 PhDs defended. Moreover, CRCI2NA hosted eleven foreign postdoctoral fellows.

The CRCINA members are very well involved in the training of students in the laboratory and at the university.Seventy-five members of CRCI2NA have an HDR, seventeen were obtained during the last mandate. Altogether they supervised 114 PhD students and 109 PhDs were defended since 2015 (mean number of publications per student is 3.6, mean duration of the thesis is 3,34 months).
They also supervised 240 Master 1/Master 2 students.Among these 114 PhD students, 105 were benefited from doctoral contract, ten of which were funded by CIFRE in association with the socio-economic world.
CRCI2NA team members are also characterized by a strong involvement in training management with more than fifteen members in charge for a mention or a Master’s degree course as the training axis of the LabEx IGO and other members are in charge of the coordination of an Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate.
Members are also involved in the setting up in Nantes University of three different Graduate School: TRITRON,ONU (ONcologie, hématologie et Médecine NUcléaire) and I3 (Immunologie et Immuno-Interventions).
The PhD students have a positive opinion on the quality of their research unit in terms of scientific level, technical platforms, skills varieties, number of seminars and working conditions. Overall, they have a good relationship with their thesis supervisors and with the technical staffs. On average, they participated in three or four congresses during their thesis.