• Le 09 juin 2022
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Webinar by Prof. Pirjo Laakkonen

Professor Pirjo Laakkonen is Principal Investigator of the Translational Cancer Medicine Research Program at the University of Helsinki Medical School, Finland. Her research focuses on tumor targeting and understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying tumor invasion and metastasis. She has identified several tumor localization peptides, which have been used for targeted delivery of drugs and nanodevices, as well as for the identification of novel tumor-associated biomarkers. Recent interests in his lab include the development of targeted therapies against malignant glioma and breast cancer brain metastasis based on vulnerabilities discovered in these diseases. Pirjo Laakkonen received her PhD in 1996 in molecular virology from the University of Helsinki, Finland. She spent four years as a post-doctoral fellow at the Burnham Institute (San Diego, CA, USA), working on tumor targeting in the laboratory of Dr. Erkki Ruoslahti, before founding her own research group at the University of Helsinki. She is also the founder and vice president of the Finnish Brain Tumor Research Association (FIBTRA). In addition to her research activities, Pirjo Laakkonen is the Director of the Laboratory Animal Center at the University of Helsinki.