• Le 25 janvier 2022
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Webinar by Dr. Stephanie Torrino, IPMC Nice

Cell mechanics is a fundamental determinant of cell and tissue shaping. Dr. Torrino has acquired a solid experience in the study of post-translational modifications (PTM), cellular metabolism and mechanobiology. Since the beginning of her career, she has used and adapted mechanical devices to explore the involvement of mechanical forces on post-translational modification pathways such as ubiquitinylation and SUMOylation. She is now tackling a new challenge by studying the glutamylation pathway (PTM that adds a variable number of glutamate residues as secondary branches of the protein) in cell mechanics. In particular, she has shown that matrix rigidification reorganizes glutamine metabolism to promote microtubule glutamylation and force microtubule stabilization, thereby promoting cell mechanics and tumor progression.