• Le 06 octobre 2022
    IRS-UN & Webinar
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Seminar by Simona Parrinello, professor of neuro-oncology and head of research department of Cancer Biology at the UCL Cancer Institute

She leads the Samantha Dickson brain cancer unit and co-leads the CRUK Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence. Parrinello’s research focuses on adult neurogenesis and brain cancer. In particular, her group studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control neural stem cell behavior and how these mechanisms become deregulated to drive tumourigenesis and recurrence in glioblastoma, with a focus on the role of the microenvironment. Prior to her move to UCL, Parrinello was a group leader and honorary Reader at the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, Imperial college London, where she first established her research group in 2011. She carried out her postdoctoral training at UCL as an EMBO and Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow in the group of Prof. Alison Lloyd and received her PhD from the University of California, at Berkeley under the supervision of Prof. Judith Campisi.